About Us

At OHSOFLIRTY, we are a fashion brand designed to empower women, embrace our beauty and show off our flirty side. (yes girls, we know you have it!).

Behind our brand are two sisters who have always struggled to find contoured bralets which are both comfortable and sexy, yet fit the bigger bust. We want to address the lack of choice and sizing available for curvy women like ourselves.

Our designs are intricately created to combine femininity and naughtiness to enhance and shape women’s curves, which will not be found elsewhere on the market. 

Our brand stands for sustainability and strives to reduce the impact of fast fashion on the planet by encouraging customers to treasure our long-lasting luxury designs. Alongside this, our packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable as our aim is to help save our planet.

Join us to show off our curves and conquer the world. 

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